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Pelican Intruder 12 | FAQ – Review – Specs

Pelican Intruder 12 is one the most preferred intruder boats among fishermen because;

  • Has a large area
  • The material structure is durable
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to use
  • Its capacity is sufficient
Most satisfying specisifications of pelican intruder 12 boat
pelican intruder 12


You have a large area to use. It is advantageous in this respect compared to many models.

It is possible to fit many items in the back. There is a place to put cold food for a more enjoyable fishing experience. There is enough space for your other belongings and to sit comfortably.


Its main material is plastic, but it has a very durable material structure.

Even if it receives a heavy blow, the probability of damage is very low. Low probability of damage in case of impact.

In this way, your boat can stay for many years without wearing out. It will still look like new over the years. On the other hand, this provides a safer fishing experience.


I would like to express that it has a very successful design due to its material structure. This boat is also very attractive with its appearance. You do not waste time with maintenance because it does not need maintenance.

Even if you are in the sun, you realize that you are on a cool ground. The material quality of this boat is really successful.

You have the chance to upgrade after purchasing. You can equip and improve it according to your wishes and needs. For this, the engine bay, shovel slots, carrying handles are ready.

Large Area

Large area is an important issue. You want to fish with a loved one and take essential supplies with you.

When we examine it in terms of capacity, this boat has a very sufficient capacity. Suitable for weights up to 420 lb at the maximum level. This means that you can travel comfortably as two people in total on your trips.

If you examine the interior in his photos and videos, you will notice that it has quite a large area. This large area is ideal for your loads. So much so that it has 36 cubic feet of cargo space.

As a result, the pelican intruder 12 offers you a pleasant experience without the space problem with its space.

As a result, if you need to have a lot of equipment and items with you; this boat is ideal for you.


Thanks to its plastic material structure, it is easy to carry and control. In this respect, it is a structure that pleases both professionals and novices.

If we evaluate it in terms of professionals; If they had lost time with bulky boats before, they are now happy to have a much more practical boat.

For novices, it’s simply “convenience!” In particular, the transport process is easy. It has a special device for this. It has one carrying handle on the front and two on the back.

If you are planning to load it into your vehicle and take it to an area, it is possible to do this easily. In fact, in the video I have presented to you in this article, we see that the person does this alone. (thanks to the wheel system of course)

One of the most important details that makes a fishing boat useful is the balance criterion. This criterion is so important that it greatly affects your fishing experience.

Think about it; If you don’t have enough balance while throwing the fishing rod, you may be prey to the fish while trying to catch the fish. There is a strong balance in this boat because special material has been developed for it.

You feel comfortable and strong while fishing because this boat gives you confidence.

Pelican Intruder 12


Is it ideal for 2 people?

Of course! If you look at the comments of users who have experienced this engine as 2 people (total number), they say that they have an extremely comfortable and enjoyable experience. They’re right because I tried too.

What engine is recommended?

The engine can be easily integrated into this boat, there is a slot for it. It is not necessary to buy a high-end engine model. A motor up to a maximum of 6 HP is sufficient to do the job.

Many users prefer a 6hp engine, but I have also seen fishermen who prefer 3hp and are extremely happy.

For example; Suzuki 2.5 or Mercury 2.5 are ideal models. These engines have an ideal speed level for fishermen (5-7 km/h). These engines are small but powerful engines and are extremely successful. It can take you at ideal speed and long range.

Does it have bad features?

Although bad features vary according to the person and / or situation; some users mentioned that the seats are low, especially for tall people.

The seats of this boat can be expressed as a disadvantage in terms of people who prefer/want the seat part as a wooden material for various reasons.

My solution suggestion for the seat is to buy a seat cover. So there will be no problem.

Is there any used Pelican Intruder 12 for sale ?

To check out that is there an used Pelican Intruder 12 for sale in USA you can check out the for sale category. By the way you can buy it cheaper than its market place.


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